Hey everyone! It’s Kate! The last time I got on my blog was the last day of school, and know it’s summer! I can’t believe this summer is already almost over! It has been so much fun so fun. The begining of June we went to Washington on the Saftey Patrol trip and it was so much fun! My roomates were Claire, Riley r, and Riley P! Claire’s Dad, (Mr. B.) tgrough us a pizza party in our room! I got some great pictures!  The last week of June we went to the beach, and that was a blast because my family, cousins , grandparents, and aunts and uncles all went! I’ve also been been at my grandparents lake a lot this summer! And have been swimming with friends. I can’t tell you how much I miss Rocky Hill and Mr. Haney’s class! 5th grade went by so fast! I am almost in middle school. I am moving to Memphis in late July and I am going to Briarcrest Christian School. I am very sad that I am leaving Knoxville, but happy to make new friends! And my friend Reagan (who was in Mr. Haney’s math class) also moved yesterday to Florida! 🙁 and that was really sad! But her 2nd to last day she came over and had a sleepover so we could have our last playdate together! Before I start middle school I will write another post! Former classmates- I miss you all! Please leave a comment! Have a great summer!


My FUN but LAST Week 36!!!!

Hey everyone! My week 36 was so much fun! On Monday we had music rehearsal for our 5th grade musical that we are doing net Tuesday! And that was so much fun and the rest of the day was just a normal day! And also one important announcement!! We only have 2 and a half more days of school. I am so sad that we have to leave elementary school! Anyway on Tuesday in art class we got to take home our clay fish that we made. Aldo on Tuesday we got to help the Kindergardeners with their field day! And that was a blast! Next, on Wednesday in tech club the kids from last year talked to us about middle school and that was fun! Then on Thursday we had field day and that was amazing! In field day the events that I was in was the 50 yard dash, dress the teacher, sponge relay, and the girls running relay. And lastly, on Friday we had the Q and U wedding! And I got to be the U. And Allan was the Q. It was so much fun getting to miss school for a while! And our last day of school is we have a half a day on Wednesday! I am going to miss Elementary School and Mr. Haney’s class SO MUCH but it was a great experience for me! 

This is at the alumni talk! Helping with field day!   Me at the Q and U Wedding!! Me again!! I won most likely to succeed! Me and my best friend Riley helping me get ready!!! Me again walking down the isle! 

My FUN Week 34!!!!

Hey everyone! It’s Kate, and my week 34 was so much fun! Let me get started with Monday. On Monday we started our health week and that was very exciting. And we also are starting to have math 2 times a day…. and I am not very thrilled about that! 🙁 But on Monday this lady from zumba came and taught us a little zumba! It was so much fun! Next, on Tuesday for our health week a man from the diabetes place came and talked to us about all of the cures for diabetes! That was great getting to hear all of that information! Also on Tuesday we had a Mystery Skype with Illinois! It was so much fun because I had NO CLUE what it was, and they were really nice! Then, on Wednesday WE HAD OUR TRACK MEET!!  I will tell you all about that right now! First, we left the school and gathered on the bus. When we got there I was really nervous even though I have done it in 3rd and 4th grade too, but this time it was REALLY HOT!!! In the track meet I was running in the 100 meter dash! When all of the people that were running in the 100 meter dash met at a orange cone and the girls in my grade looked like that were in middle school! Their legs came up to half of my body! The man called ready set go, and we were off! At the end I came in 3rd place! And finally at the end of the day, they called all of the finals and I got in the finals!! And I came in 5th in the finals! It was fun! I will post the track video on there too!  And then on Thursday for the health day we had yoga and that was so much fun!!!!! Also on Thursday we had ANOTHER Mystery Skype with Texas! They were so nice too!  Lastly, on Friday at our school we had CBM testing and our diabetes walk!! My week 34 was AMAZING and I hope yours was too! 

This is us at our track meet!

This is us doing yoga!

One of our mystery skypes!

My AMAZING Week 33

Hey everyone! My week 33 was TCAP tests!! On Monday we took the Reading TCAP and thought that was pretty easy! And also we won our softball game on Monday! Next, on Tuesday we took our Math TCAP which was pretty easy also! And then on Wednesday we took our science TCAPs and I thought that it was a little hard but it was still great! And also after the TCAP tests we gotntomplay the WII and karaoke! And lastly on Thursday we took the history one and I was just glad all of them were over!!! My week 33 was busy but I am just glad the TCAPs are over!
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My HARD WORKING Week 32!!!!!

Hey everyone! It’s Kate, and my week 32 was very busy, hard working, and very exciting! Let’s get started with Monday! On Monday our group won the Benchmark Challenge so we got to eat lunch in the classroom! Also on Monday, we lost our softball game by 1 point! We were very sad but we still had fun! Next, on Tuesday we ate in the classroom again and we played Just Dance on the Wii! That was so much fun! Then, on Wednesday after school we had TCAP club and I went to it. And by the way this week was been A LOT of review too because TCAPs are next week! So we had fun doing trivia! Next, on Thursday we had my Soul Singers performance in front of the parents! I had a speaking part so that was very fun! Also on Thursday we started to wrap yarn around the garden because they are growing!!! And lastly on Friday we got to help the 3rd graders with their test taking strategies! And we did our Soul Singers performance today too in front of the school! My week 32 was short but I am very ready for TCAPs!!  By the way i am the one with the blonde hair speaking! Our school watching our performance! This is our garden!

My EXHAUSTING Week 31!!!

My week 31 was very tiring! Of course this week we were doing TCAP REVIEW!! But we had other fun stuff this week as well! Well, let’s start off with day 1, Monday. On Monday well, we were out of school on Monday! So Monday afternoon my BEST, BEST, BEST, BEST, BEST, BEST, BEST, BEST, BEST, BEST, BEST, BEST, BEST, BEST, BEST, BEST, BEST, BEST, BEST, BEST, BEST, BEST, BEST,friend Riley and I had our softball game! We played the yellow team and  we won!!  It was a great day and a great game! Next, on Tuesday I didn’t want to go back to school but I had to! So since it is getting really close to TCAPs of course this week we have been REVIEWING, REVIEWING, and reviewing!!! Then, on Wednesday we had ANOTHER softball game and won that too! And we also got really cool letters from Spain!  And lastly, the end of the week was still reviewing and other fun stuff! And on Friday we got to teach the 3rd graders test strategies! It was so much fun! My week 31 was great and I hope yours was toO!   


My week 30 was very busy!! As some of you may know, TCAPs are coming up and these weeks we will be doing REVIEW,REVIEW,REVIEW,REVIEW,REVIEW,REVIEW,REVIEW,REVIEW,!!!!  Just to let you know TCAP is a HUGE  test that covers everything that we have learned. It stands for Tennessee Comprehension Assessment Program. All week we have been working very hard on it! Now, let me start with what we did on Monday. On Monday we started to do our review! In centers it seemed different because usually our group with Mr. Haney we do novel studies, but instead we did TCAP review. Next, on Tuesday we of course did review and we found out who made track!! It was really exciting because me and all of my friends made it! I am in the 100 meter and some of my friends are in the relay!! I am so excited about the meet!! Also on Tuesday we used to have a really nice lady come in named Mrs. Kasper but she left. 🙁 So on Tuesday she came and visited us! It was very good to get to see her again! She is so nice and we missed her so much! Next on Wednesday, after school we have TCAP club! In TCAP club we practice trivia questions to get us ready for TCAPs!! Lastly, on Thursday it was our last day until the weekend! Because we get off of school Friday and Monday because Easter! I am so excited because I have an awesome Easter dress!!! It is a really pretty blue and it ruffles and the waist! I am very happy that we get a four day weekend! And also I forgot to tell you guys this! Last Friday our student teacher, Anna Cate took us to see the movie the Hunger Games!! It was an awesome movie and me and my friends loved it! I hope everyone has an AMAZING Easter!!                                           The Hunger Games!! TRACK!! Easter!!